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Green Funeral Services

Green Funerals by Plummer Funeral Home, LLC

Also called a natural burial, a green funeral is an environmentally-friendly burial that involves fewer traditional steps in the preparation of the body and in the caring for the dead in order to have as little impact on the earth as possible. Opting for a green burial aids in the reduction of carbon emissions and the conservation of natural resources by necessitating the use of biodegradable and non-toxic materials, which includes shrouds, caskets, and urns. 

‘Going green’ may sound like a new concept, however, the process of preparing and burying the body was very similar to what we call a green funeral today. 

Below are the main considerations in a green burial:

  • The safeguarding of the environment
  • The protection of the worker’s health
  • The conservation of our natural resources

At Plummer Funeral Home, LLC, we understand that many people today are interested in going green and in protecting the environment. Having a green burial for your loved one is a natural way to do just that. We offer our families the opportunity to choose how to celebrate their loved one’s life. 

We offer this eco-friendly option for families who wish to leave a smaller carbon footprint than what can be normally achieved. We can arrange for:

  • A green burial with or without viewing, which can be followed by a memorial service
  • An immediate burial with or without a ceremony or viewing (memorial at a later date optional for the family)

Greener Product Options

You will find a good selection of environmentally-friendly products when you visit our showroom. They are handpicked by our team of caring and experienced staff for its value and quality. Here are just some of the eco-friendly merchandise options that we offer:

  • Greener caskets made of natural materials
  • Burial shrouds 
  • Memorial jewelry for families who wish to forego a marker
  • Biodegradable urns for water or earth burials

Responding to the growing environmental consciousness of the families we serve, we are committed to offer greener burial options and services. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about we can do for you. 

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